Group & Corporate Gifting

two bottles packed in a box

Need a thoughtful & unique gift for a group of people? Look no further!! We've made it really easy. Shoot us an email at with your # of recipients & desired tier (check them out below) -- we'll take it from there!

Explore the tiers:

Tier 1: $50pp (+$30 flat rate shipping) 1 Sake + 1 Wine, 2 Bottles of Sake, or 2 Bottles of Wine.

  • Everyday sake + wine. Everything is delicious, crowd pleasing & easy drinking. Bottles you almost always can find in the shop.

Tier 2: $100pp (+30 flat rate shipping) 3 bottles total: 1 Sake + 2 Wines (one white, one red) OR! 3 Bottles of Sake.

  • Some Bin Bin favorites! A little more hard-to-get, niche-bin-bin picks. Perfect for curious drinkers & fans of natural wine.

Tier 3: $100pp (+30 flat rate shipping) 2 Bottles total -- 1 Sake (Junmai Daiginjo or other special occasion sake) + Champagne

  • A special gift for a special group of people!