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Akishika "Black Moheji 2018" [720ml]

asian pear, powerful acid, incredible brew

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Akishika Shuzo is a brewery that embodies "sake for natural wine lovers". They're taking a more "low intervention/natural" approach to sake brewing. Most of their sake is unpasteurized (nama), undiluted (genshu), and not charcoal filtered (muroka) AND all of the rice they use, whether they grow it themselves or not, is organic and often biodynamic. This particular brew happens to be one of their "single parcel" sakes, which means all of the rice in this sake is sourced from one parcel of their rice fields, to really get a sense of their land's terroir.

 Akishika "Black Moheji 2018"

Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu / Akishika Shuzo, Osaka

The experience: You'll notice a darker hue when pouring this sake into your glass, this is mostly because it is aged. Black Moehji is a bold and complex sake -- it smells sweet, liked dried pears and other cooked fruits, but also nutty, like a creamy cooked almond. It's a very special sake, that's a little hard to describe... 

Process: Kimoto  ABV: 18%

Ingredients: 60% polished omachi rice

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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