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Atago No Matsu "Tokubetsu Honjozo" [720ml]

not too savory, not too sweet, just right

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Extremely popular among local Miyagi drinkers, we feel lucky to carry their jizake in the shop. Atago no Matsu uses Hyogo grown yamadanishiki rice -- this is unusual for honjozo grade sake, as it is usually used in more premium styles.

 Atago no Matsu

Tokubetsu Honjozo / Niizawa Jozoten, Miyagi

The experience:  This sake is neither super fruity nor super umami -- it lives somewhere in the middle, making it the perfect companion to food, just as the brewers intended. The distributors tell us it's great with caviar... we're waiting for the opportunity to test this ourselves.

Process: Sokujo (fast brew) ABV: 15.5%

Ingredients: 60% polished Hyogo yamadanishiki rice

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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