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Yuki no Bosha "Yamahai" [720ml]

cherry pop, handsome, mellow earth tones

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Unlike most yamahais, Yuki No Bosha is mellow and elegant. Many sake drinkers are surprised that this is a yamahai because it does not have the gamey and funky character that most do. However, it still shows the yeasty and umami forward quality of yamahai, especially when compared to the other sakes in the Yuki no Bosha line. from our friends at Joto Sake

Yuki No Bosha "Yamahai"

Junmai Yamahai/ Saiya Shuzo, Akita

The experience: Light, dry & crisp. The yamahai characteristics are still there, but they are subtle and well balanced. Enjoy this sake chilled or room temperature, with pork chops or waygu. 

Process: YamahaiABV: 16%

Ingredients: 65% polished Yamada Nishiki and Akita Komachi

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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