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Mukai Shuzo "Ine Mankai" [1.8L]

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When making this junmai sake, Mukai Shuzo’s current head brewmaster, Kuniko Mukai, uses a red rice varietal that grows locally in Ine, the town where she grew up. The sake is called “Ine Mankai”, or “Ine in Full Bloom”. The brewery is located in a fishing village in Kyoto, we hear that locals are able to dock their boat at the brewery to pick up their sake.

Mukai Shuzo "Ine Mankai" 

Junmai Genshu  / Mukai Shuzo, Kyoto

The experience: This sake is extremely unique. Not only does it stand out from it's deep pink hue, it also tastes unlike any other sake I've ever tasted. It's both sweet & savory at the same time. For a while I considered it to be akin to amaro, a little bitter, a little briney. But its umami presence also makes it a great food sake. This sake is best chilled or at room temperature, though I'm sure it's great warmed up too. 

Process: Sokujo ABV: 14.2%

Ingredients: 70% polished Kyo no Kagayaki &  90% polished Murasaki red rice, yeast strain #701

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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