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Harada 80 "Junmai" [720ml]

peach gummy rings, grippy, spritz

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This sake stole the show over the summer. A low polish junmai with peachy-fruity aroma & a soft supple texture. 

 Harada 80 "Junmai"

Junmai / Hatsumomiji Shuzo, Yamaguchi

The experience: This sake wears a lot of hats. Over the summer it was tasty chilled. When opened it has a little zippiness and bright acidity that cut through the hot summer. But now.. now we're thinking its a room temp/warm sake contender. We love a versatile sake!  It stands tall on its own but would be great paired with a cheese board or even spicy asian food.

Process: Sokujo (fast brew!) ABV: 

Ingredients: 80% polished local yamadanishiki rice

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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