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Kamoshibito Kuheiji 'Hi No Kishi' Junmai Daiginjo (2020) [720ml]

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The birth of Hinokishi was a big progress for Kuheiji. The terroir they grow Hinokishi’s rice in has a lot of energy saved in the land, which creates a concentrated rice and leads to many layers of character in sake. Kuheiji believes Hinokishi can take you to the next level of the KUHEIJI series.

The perfect terroir for Hinokishi – Monryu in Kurodasho, Hyogo: Within Kurodasho, Monryu has the most ideal land that Kuheiji requires for change in temperature within a day, in seasons, as well as water temperatures. It is open to both directions of east and west – nothing blocks the sunshine. The cold water comes directly from the mountain and feeds into the terroir, which helps protect the rice from hot weather. It is also located in the valley helping to create the difference in temperature within a day, which helps the rice plants to rest during the nighttime. This environment makes each grain bigger and heavier. Per rice field (300 Tsubo / 10.6 square feet), Kuheiji only makes 270 bottles, where you could otherwise double (or more) production for regular sake. 


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