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Miyoshino Jozo "Hanatomoe Mizumoto" [1.8L]

fresh cheese, rich funk, yum

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Hashimoto-san says “I want to make nihonshi (sake) that brings out the umami of the rice and at the same time is high in acidity––these features make it core compatible with food. The rice is local, and the yeast and lacto bacillus are native to my kura (brewery). So what you taste is a reflection of the local landscape and climate: Hanatomoe’s own. It cannot be made anywhere else!  words from The Floating World

Hanatomoe "Mizumoto"

Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu Bodaimoto (mizumoto) / Miyoshino Jozo, Nara

The experience: This sake has sweetness, sourness, umami AND fruit. It has it all. Try it at all temperatures, especially room temp.

Process: Bodaimoto ABV: 16%

Ingredients: 70% polished gin no sato rice

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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