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Moriki Shuzo "Tae no Hana" Sublime Beauty [720ml]

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Rumiko Moriki, head brewer at Moriki Shuzo, is beloved in the sake world. She not only is the first female toji in Japan, but she also saved her family's brewery by making a connection with famed manga artist Oze Akira. When Rumiko and her husband, Hideki, took over her family brewery in 1989 after her father fell ill, they faced a devastating blow to the business shortly after. As Rumiko read Akira-san's manga "Natsuko No Sake", a story of a fictional female toji taking over her family's brewery, it really resonated with her. She wrote Akira a letter expressing her gratitude & the rest is history! He helped her build a support network within the sake industry and also illustrated a label for Moriki Shuzo's new line of junmaishu, "Rumiko No Sake", and it gained a cult following! All he wanted in return was her sake. The story makes us sooo happy. You can read it in full on their website

Tae no Hana "Sublime Beauty"

Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu  / Moriki Shuzo, Nara

The experience: Drink this sake at all temperatures! We recommend taking it out of the fridge to try it chilled, then let it warm up on the table as you enjoy it. Room temperature is our personal favorite (also prefer by Rumiko-san and Hideki-san). It is full bodied which present acidity, also savory-driven with notes of freshly cut herbs, apple, and rice bran.

Process: Kimoto ABV: 16%

Ingredients: 85% polished yamadanishiki rice

Storage: keep in a cool, dark place

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