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Song Cai Distillery "KHA" Yellow Rice Wine [750ml]

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A take on traditional rượu Cái (Vietnamese fermented rice wine) made purely from the fermentation of two types of native rice with an 18-month solera-style maturation in oak and terracotta amphorae.

Glutinous rice fermented with microbials (yeast, fungi, bacteria). Distinguished by tart complex acidity and layered umami and nuttiness. Drinks similarly to a palo cortado sherry, vin jaune, or rancio sec. Historically used in cooking and enjoyed before and during meals.

Khà is produced from yellow flower sticky rice and purple sticky rice, two prized rice varieties known for their aromatic qualities and fermentation capabilities.

After harvest, rice is milled to remove the husk but not polished. Rice is soaked, steamed, and innoculated with a mix of local microbes including koji, penicillium, amylomyces, and more. Sacharification and solid state fermentation begin and last until liquefaction occurs, yielding a liquid of 27-30 brix.

Yeast converts sugar to alcohol during a two month primary fermentation and the resulting wine is racked and transferred to a solera-like system of neutral wood and terracota amphora for 18 months of maturation and secondary fermentation on the lees.

ABV: 17.3%, 3g/l Residual Sugar

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